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William’s Snug

Many of our friends will know that our boy now has an ‘official label’ of Asperger’s Syndrome,  we decided that this label helped us access the help and support that would help us help him.


One of the things that was recommended was a safe snug area that he can enclose himself in if the environmental stimulus gets too much.


We are lucky in that in is bedroom he has an alcove window so we could enclose him in.

After discussion with the boy he decided that under the sea would be calming.

so here are the curtains I’ve finally finished!


Due to the location I can’t photograph the whole curtains as the boy sees them. But hopefully you’ll see the general impact.

image image image image image image image image image

March 2009

We’ve updated the family photos section again taking us up to the end of our recent short break at the Glan Conway Flat. It includes Christmas and Christmas visits, Ros’ Birthday Bash, Lukes Birthday and Izaacs Birthday Parties.

Once again, you can catch up on the World of the Robinsons!!

Up to October 5th 2008 Photos

Yes it is true I have finally got up to date (again) with the gallery – I have updated the Photos to now include June, July, August and September.  This included some photos of Soul Survivor (including THE finger incident), Hannah and Kens Wedding and lots of playing in the park. So catch up with the world of the Robinsons.

Updates News

Yes, I know, “Add more photos” the world cries. The only people who visit this website do it so they can see the boy wonder mugging to the camera!

Well, there are no new photos. Not on the website anyway, theres a good few months worth lying around on the laptop and probably a few dozen on the camera, I’ll try and get to it this month, but we’ve been decorating and spending money.

The only update you’re getting is this new page of writing linking to other pages on the site. A hub, if you like, which is totally ignorable, but from where you can quickly get to the bit that you really want to.